Powerful Dua for Love Marriage in Islam (100% tested)


As-Salaam-Alaikum, dear brothers and sisters. This article will tell you everything about the powerful “Dua for love marriage in Islam.” This dua from the Holy Quran is a halal prayer not appropriately explained on any other website. If you want to understand the dua or wazifa for marriage, read this article carefully. 

Do you want to marry the love of your life and have a happy and successful marriage? Are you afraid that your parents will not permit you to marry your lover?

If yes, then do not worry about this matter anymore. Many people experience this fear of not getting parents’ acceptance. Some people also face the denial of their lover when it comes to marriage. We are here to share an Islamic prayer for love marriage to solve these problems. 

What Role Does The Dua Play in Islamic Love Marriage? 

You need not worry about your marriage problems anymore. The powerful dua for love marriage will solve all your problems.

To understand these Islamic prayers for marriage, read this article carefully. It will help you marry the person you love the most. 

Love is a necessity that makes life worth living. No person is luckier than the one who has found true love in life. This feeling is more special when it is reciprocated from the other side. Nothing is better than loving someone and getting the same love back. 

If you want the Islamic dua to marry your love, keep on reading this article further. We will share three different “dua to marry your lover” to help you marry your lover. 

Niyyah For Performing This Dua

Performing a dua for love marriage in Islam means asking Allah to bless and guide your marriage. Islam wants people to find happiness and a good life partner.

When you make this prayer, you ask Allah to help you with any problems, to get your family and society to agree, and to make sure your marriage follows Islamic rules.

This dua asks for Allah’s kindness and help to make your marriage loving and peaceful, so both of you can grow in faith, love, and devotion to Him.

Before You Begin Reciting this Dua, Here is Some Advice to Follow: 

  • Perform wudu. 

It is NOT required to execute wudu before making dua. However, performing wudu is a means of purifying oneself and preparing oneself to communicate with Allah. 

  • Position yourself towards the Qibla. 

Again, it is always required to face the Qiblah while praying to Allah or while performing any prayer.  

  • Please raise your hand.  

SubhanAllah, the Sunnah of raising our palms in prayer has such a beautiful meaning! We encourage you to recall the following hadith whenever you elevate your hands physically. 

  • Call upon Allah in a calm voice.  

It is preferable not to disturb those around us when we are making du’a in a mosque, as well as in our private spaces. There are numerous occasions when we become emotional and begin to shed tears – even the Prophet (saw) cried during du’a! – but when we speak, we must be sure to maintain a low tone. 

Rules To Follow Before Reciting Dua - Fajr Dua
Powerful Dua For Love Marriage In Islam (100% Tested)

What Should We Include In Our Du’a? 

  • Start with Praising To Allah- Don’t just start praying to Allah and his beloved Prophet without first thanking him.
  • Call upon Allah by His Name- Use Allah’s Names in Invocation. To Allah, He declares, “Belong the Beautiful Names;” use them to call upon Him.
  • Be sure to specify all of your requirements while making requests- When making dua, it’s crucial to ask for anything and everything you can think of. No matter what you pray for, Allah will provide.
  • Pray for those in need- Don’t pass up the opportunity to pray for others while you perform the dua.
  • Say “Ameen” as a final word- Say “Ameen” at the end of the process of the dua to Allah to make it official.

4 Steps To Complete Dua For Love Marriage

If you have understood the guidance, let us now understand the process of performing “Dua for Someone You Love in Islam”:

Important note: This powerful love marriage dua should be performed after the Isha namaz. 

  1. Begin performing wudu and then reciting “Ya Allah Illallah” 100 times.
  2. Then, recite this dua for love marriage 100 times: “Laa Illaha Ill Allahul Waidul Qahhar”.
  3. After this, recite Surah Al-Fatiha four times.
  4. Finally, with all your heart, ask Allah to bless your marriage to your sweetheart.

Keep on performing the “love marriage dua in Islam” for a week. All your marriage problems will disappear within a week of completing this love marriage dua. If you want an instant Islamic prayer for love marriage, consult our Peer Ghulam Ali Dahlavi

Recite These Surah to Get Married to Your Love

  • Recite the Surah al-Ahzab (chapter 33) on a daily schedule.
  • Recite the Surah al-Mumtahinah,(chapter 60), six times each day.
  • Recite the Surah at Taha, which is chapter 20,

And then blow your breath over a glass of water before giving it to the person you love to drink.

Surah To Get Married To Your Love
Powerful Dua For Love Marriage In Islam (100% Tested)

Another benefit is asking Allah SWT for help in being a decent partner and an example to others. If your parents are against the Marriage you want, and you want them to say yes finally, then you should check out this – Dua to Make Parents Agree for Love Marriage.

Surah For Love Marriage

Let us now tell you some important rules to remember before performing the surah for love marriage in Islam:

  1. Make sure you always say Shahadah while performing the wazifa.
  2. While reciting the dua to get married to your lover, never lose faith in the power of Allah SWT.
  3. When you read a dua, wear clean clothes and keep all the negative thoughts away.
  4. To read the dua, sit down facing the Qibla.
  5. Drink half a glass of Zamzam water before or after performing these duas.
  6. Using black magic or shirk is haram in Islam and a sin for the Almighty.
  7. Always perform these duas for love or marriage in a halal manner.
  8. Read this dua when you genuinely love someone and wish to be with them as a life partner.

You can read the dua to convince parents for love marriage if you want them to accept your love marriage.

Want a right partner for yourself? You can read our dua for good life partner and see how your right person will come to you.

  1. Wake Up Early: Get up in the middle of the night, before the Fajr prayer.
  2. Do Wudu: Wash up and be clean.
  3. Pray Tahajjud: Pray the Tahajjud prayer.
  4. Make the Dua: After praying, ask Allah for help with your love marriage. Say something like, “Oh Allah, please help me marry the person I love. Make it easy for us and make our parents agree. Amen.”

Doing this every night shows your faith and trust in Allah.

Tahajjud Dua For Love Marriage
Powerful Dua For Love Marriage In Islam (100% Tested)

اللهم يا ودود، يا لطيف، يا رحيم، اجمع بيني وبين (اسم الشخص) في الحلال، واجعل بيننا مودة ورحمة، واجعل أهلنا يوافقون على زواجنا، وأكرمنا بحياة زوجية سعيدة ومباركة. آمين.

Transliteration: Allahumma ya Wadud, ya Lateef, ya Raheem, ijma’ baynee wa bayna (name of the person) fil halal, waj’al baynana mawaddatan wa rahmah, waj’al ahlana yuwaafiqoon ‘ala zawajina, wa akrimna bihayatin zawjiyyatin sa’eedatin wa mubarakah. Ameen.

3 Easiest Steps To Follow For Performing Wazifa For Love Marriage

Having a love marriage is not an easy thing for many couples. They have to face many ups and downs before settling in their marriage. If you are also facing problems in your marriage, begin reading the Wazifa for love marriage. This wazifa will help you marry the person you love the most. 

Written below is the stepwise process of performing the “Wazifa for Love Marriage”:

  1. Take a bath to clean yourself to perform the surah for love marriage.
  2. Recite Durood Sharif ten times, followed by Surah Taha 50 times.
  3. Then, recite this wazifa for love marriage ten times: “Khaalideena Feehi Wa Saaa’a Lahum Yawmal Qiyaamati Himlaa.“

Perform the ritual of this wazifa for a week with complete faith in Allah. He will accept your wazifa for love marriage if you perform with a good and pure intention. You will soon marry the person you love and will face no problems. 

Wazifa For Love Marriage
Powerful Dua For Love Marriage In Islam (100% Tested)

Let us now tell you which surah is good for marriage problems.

The Surah Al-Fatiha is the most powerful surah for marriage problems. To perform this surah, follow these steps:

  • Recite Surah Al Fatiha five times after three recitations of Durood Sharif.
  • With a pure intention, ask for Allah’s blessing to have a successful love marriage.
  • Perform this surah for love marriage for a week to get the best results.

5 Things to Avoid While Performing the Dua

If you want to marry someone specific, you should try to perform the Islamic dua. However, there are a few precautions you will have to take note of while performing the dua to marry someone you love. These precautions are written below:

  1. Women cannot perform this dua during their periods.
  2. It would be best if you did not tell anyone about performing this dua for love marriage until Allah accepts it.
  3. You must only do the dua for love marriage if you are sure about how you feel about your lover.
  4. Never perform the dua to get love back with a wrong intention if you do not want a punishment by Allah.
  5. Your dua for love marriage will give positive results only when you have complete faith in the power of Almighty Allah.

5 Benefits of Reciting Dua For Love Marriage in Islam?

In Islam, there are several advantages to reciting the prayer for a love marriage, including the following:

  1. The dua to get married soon is a prayer that brings you closer to the Almighty.
  2. There are no adverse effects of the dua for love marriage because it is a halal prayer from Quran.
  3. Recite these duas if you are confident you want to marry your lover only.
  4. Dua for love marriage lasts for a lifetime if accepted by the Almighty.
  5. You can also read the dua after getting married. It will help you solve all the marriage-related problems in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is love marriage allowed in Islam, or is it haram?

Yes, a love marriage is acceptable in Islam. The proof of this exists in the Surat Ar-Rum, where Allah mentioned love and marriage.

Can you help me marry the person I love and make our parents agree?

If you want to marry someone you love with Allah’s blessing, here’s what you should do:

After any prayer, recite Durood Sharif 11 times. Then, say “nasruminallah wa fathun qareeb” 786 times. After that, read Surah Yasin and Surah al-Baqarah seven times.
Finally, pray to Allah and ask Him to help you marry the person you love.
Do this as mentioned and ask Allah for His blessing.

Is wazifa and Dua for love marriage a haram or halal prayer?

It is an assumption that dua for love marriage is not a part of the Holy Quran. However, people can perform it after discussing it with an Islamic scholar. You can get in touch with our Islamic scholar, and find out how to recite this powerful dua in a halal way.

Is Love Marriage Allowed in Islam As Per the Rules Set by Allah?

People ask a very common question: “what does Allah say about love marriage in Islam”. Our Islamic scholar is asked this question many times. People want to know if love marriage has a mention in the Quran or not. The answer to this question is the Surah Al-Rum. This surah is where Allah has mentioned marriage as a tool of love. This surah also mentions love marriage in Islam. 

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