Powerful Dua To Get Married Soon (100% Effective)


Marrying a genuine person a dream every human has in life. People wish to marry to make their life happier and find true companionship. The Dua To Get Married Soon is a helpful prayer for those who want to marry soon. This dua is also helpful for all those facing problems in finding a good life partner. 

 Allah is the most merciful because he gives us solutions for all problems in the holy Quran. He knows the troubles we face in our life. The dua for my marriage in the holy book of Islam can prove to help solve every problem in our life. 

This article will tell you how to perform the dua to marry soon. We will also share the precautions to follow while doing these rituals. After reading this article, if you have any questions, you can consult with our Molvi Ghulam Ali Dahlavi

Reasons To Perform Dua For Marriage

There are multiple reasons behind a person’s marriage facing delays. Many times, people are unable to identify these problems. Let us tell you some of the most common reasons for delay in marriage:

  • Some evil friends and relatives perform black magic spells to delay marriages.
  • Sometimes, bad luck can also cause a delay in marriage.
  • The dua can help a person whose marriage has been delayed because of the negative energy around them.
  • If you wish to marry your ex-lover, you should first read the dua for love back. Then, read the duas for marriage soon to your lover.

If you are also facing a delay in marriage, you should first find out its reason. It can be any of the reasons we mention above or can be different. 

Dua For Getting Married Soon

To speed up the process of marriage, one can recite a dua that is specific to marrying quickly. Specifically, the dua reads, “O Allah, I ask You for a righteous and pious partner and the best in this life and the Hereafter.”

You can use this dua to pray for a good spouse who will provide you joy in this and the next world.
It’s a helpful reminder that marriage can and should be a path to personal development. Have faith that Allah will answer your prayer for a life partner in His own time when you repeat this dua for getting married soon.

To learn the accurate dua for marriage soon, it is important to find out the delay. You can also get the instructions about dua to marry someone you love. Allow us to instruct you on how to recite the dua so that you can tie the knot as soon as possible.

Important Note: Recite the dua for getting married soon in Islam after the Asr namaz (afternoon prayer).

  • Firstly, don’t forget to perform ablution to clean yourself.
  • Then, recite “Bismillah hir-Rahman Ni Rahim” 19 times followed by 6th verse of Surah Yasin five times.
  • At long last, you need to pray to Allah that you will soon marry with pure intentions. If you have someone particular in mind, think of them.

To get immediate results, you should perform the dua of istikhara for marriage. Remember to put in your faith and trust in the powers of Allah Tala. 

Step By Step Procedure To Perform Dua For Marriage in Islam

One must perform any dua to get married from the Holy Quran properly to get the results. If we choose to fulfil our wishes through Islamic prayers as per the wish of Allah, we must do it the halal way. To perform the dua for marriage in Islam, follow these precautions:

Follow These Precautions Before Performing Dua To Get Married Fast

  • Follow the instructions carefully to perform the dua or wazifa for getting married soon.
  • No woman should perform any dua during her menstrual cycles.
  • If you have faith in Allah, only then recite dua.
  • Be patient and do not expect instant results from this dua for marrying early.

The wedding planning process begins with a marriage proposal and its approval. The dua for immediate marriage proposal is read in this case.

We all know that marriage is a very sacred relationship in Islam. This is why people consider the decision of marriage a serious matter. The future of the marriage can turn bitter if the decision happens carelessly. The dua for early marriage proposal may set a positive tone for the rest of the marriage.

  • After the Fajr Namaz, you must perform the dua for a marriage proposal.
  • Begin with performing wudu and thinking about what kind of marriage proposal you want.
  • Then, recite the twelfth verse of the Surah Duha and Surah Qasas.
  • Recite this dua for immediate marriage proposal 100 times.

Auzu Billaahi Minash Shaitaanir, Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem, Assalaatu Wassalaamu Akayka Ya

How To Perform Powerful Wazifa To Get Married Soon

Another remedy to get good marriage proposals is the wazifa for marriage. To perform the wazifa for immediate marriage proposal, follow this process:

  • Clean yourself by performing ablution (commonly known as wudu).
  • Then, begin reciting Surah Tauba 56 times, followed by the 12th chapter of the Quran.
  • At last, close your eyes and make a prayer to Allah about getting a good marriage proposal.

If you wish to get a proposal from someone specific, Dua for marriage proposal Acceptance will help you. 

Important Points for The Dua or Wazifa for Marriage Soon

 To perform the dua or wazifa for marriage soon, one must follow specific rules. People must observe these rules if they want to do well.

  • Always make a dua with a strong will.
  • Begin every dua by praising Allah. Also, send blessings and peace upon His messengers.
  • Do not make a dua because of your selfishness.
  • Follow every instruction given by an Islamic scholar about the marriage dua.

People read these duas when they wish to marry a specific person. If your parents and family do not agree to your marriage, read dua for love marriage  It will help you fulfill your wish of marrying your lover with the blessings of Allah and your parents. 


Marriage is not a decision that one should make on a whim. One must consider a lot of aspects before deciding to marry a person.

Finding your destined life partner is never going to be easy. If you are sick of looking for and waiting for your soul mate, don’t give up and marry another person. Read the dua for marriage in Islam to find the right person chosen for you by the Almighty. This dhikr for marriage will help you lead a successful married life. 

You can consult Ghulam Ali Dahlavi Ji over WhatsApp if you have any questions regarding these Wazifa and if you want to achieve outcomes that are both fast and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Surah Is the Best and Most Powerful For Marriage Soon?

If you face marriage problems, you can recite any surah. However, the Surah Yasin and Surah Duha are the most powerful surahs for marriage. These surahs give the best results when appropriately recited. Within a week of performing these surahs, one can see the results. 

Can I Read a Dua to Marry a Specific Person?

Yes, it is easy to read a dua to Allah to marry someone specific. You can recite the dua to marry someone specific you love or like. 

Can A Dua Change a Person’s Destiny in Marriage?

Yes, dua can change a marriage’s destiny if Allah accepts it. The Almighty will hear those who worship him sincerely, and their prayer will give best results.  There are numerous Islamic marriage practises that are highly effective.

How to Read the Most Powerful Dua for Love Marriage?

To perform the most powerful dua for love marriage, you will have to recite Surah Al Ahzab after the namaz. This dua will get you great results very soon. 

Can I make dua for a specific person I’m interested in to marry me, or should I leave it to Allah’s will?

Instead of asking for a specific individual to marry you, Islam advises making dua (supplication) for guidance and the best for you. This is because Allah understands what’s best for us and has more knowledge and insight than us.

If you want a specific individual in your dua, include a phrase such, “O Allah, if this person is good for me in this world and the Hereafter, then make it happen,” to acknowledge Allah’s wisdom and decision-making. Islamic religion requires us to trust Allah’s will, even if it differs from our own.

Praying for a righteous and compatible partner and trusting Allah to find the perfect one is essential.

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