Dua For Long Distance Relationship

Which One is Best Dua For Long Distance Relationship in Islam?

Hello dear brothers and sisters, we will tell you a solution for all your long distance relationships. We will share the dua for long distance relationship that will help you sort out all your love-related problems.

We have always read that distance makes the heart grow fonder. However, things in the present times are not as common as the saying. Distance these days is like a test for relationships. Dua for long distance relationships is a prayer that will help couples pass that test.

Love is an essential aspect of a relationship that people need in life. Finding true love is hard in this fake world, and maintaining a relationship is more burdensome. What is more difficult is maintaining a long-distance relationship. When your lover is away from you, the doubt and fear of them getting distanced from you can snatch your peace.

If you are facing troubles in your relationship because of the long distance between you and your partner, we have the perfect dua for you. Reading the powerful wazifa and prayer for long distance relationships will help you solve all those issues. Keep reading further to find out more about these powerful duas.

Wazifa For Long Distance Relationship

Along with the dua for the long-distance relationship, people should also know that there is a prayer for long distance relationship for it. The wazifa for long distance relationship should be read when you see a huge shift in your relationship. This shift can be because of your or your partner’s behavior towards each other.

Wazifa For Long Distance Relationship

However, there are a few things to remember while performing this prayer for a long distance relationship in Islam. Long-distance relationships in Islam can be saved by keeping these instructions in mind:

  • Always begin by offering Salawat to the Prophet and Allah SWT by taking their beautiful names.
  • While performing this dua or wazifa, think of your partner or spouse.
  • Never forget to perform wudu before performing a dua or wazifa.

Prayer For Long Distance Relationship Step by Step

Hopefully, you might have now understood the purpose and benefit of reading the Islamic prayer for long distance relationship. Let us now guide you through the process of performing it to get the desired results.

prayer for long distance relationship

  • Always begin with taking a bath and wearing a fresh set of clothes.
  • Then, recite five names of Allah Tala in a soft voice while facing the Qiblah.
  • Recite this below given dua from the Surah Taha 101 times.

Tanzeelam Mimman Khalaqal Arda Was Samaawaatil ‘Ulaa

  • At last, take three sips of the Zamzam water and say your lover’s name after every sip.

You have to perform this dua or prayer for long distance relationship until all your problems resolve. 

Benefits Of Reciting Rabbana Hablana Dua

The following Rabbana dua with English transliteration is mentioned in the chapter 25th of Surah Furqan ayat 74:

Rabbana hablana min azwaajina wa dhuriyyatina qurrata Ayunin Waj’alna Lil Muttaqina Imam

The English Translation is : Oh, Almighty Allah! Give us the grace to guide the good, and grant us women and children who will be the light of our eyes.

The beauty of performing this dua is that it asks Allah for a healthy and harmonius family.
The Benefits of reciting Rabbana Hablana dua are listed below. It might also give a person a suitable context for saying this supplication.
  • Asking Almighty Allah for the best life companion.
  • I ask Allah for kids to be obedient and have a good impact on society.
  • The Rabbana Hablana dua can also be performed for married couples hoping to become pregnant and have lovely children.
  • You can recite this dua for safe pregnancy and healthy kids.

I sincerely hope that these Rabbana Hablana dua benefits help you to understand more about Islam.

If you are want to give up on making all the efforts for your partner and saving your relationship, read the dua to make a relationship stronger. It is a powerful dua to fix broken relationships, so lovers do not have to endure the pain of falling apart.

If you want our Islamic scholar’s help in performing any of these duas, do not hesitate to contact him. He is always available to help those seeking Allah’s help to solve all their problems.

You can directly consult our Islamic scholar to learn how to perform the morning prayer for a long distance relationship. Follow him on Instagram for the best prayers to read to make your life better.

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