Powerful Barakallah Dua For Marriage


When couples plan to get married or during their marriage celebrations, it is crucial to remember the importance of reciting the Barakallah dua for marriage. Performing the Barakallah dua for marriage is a way to ask God to bless your marriage with happiness and success. This dua is for married couples to Allah to bless and support their marriage.

Prepare for Dua:

  • Choose a quiet and clean place for your dua
  • Perform ablution (wudu) to ensure cleanliness.

Face the Qibla:

  • Stand or sit facing the Qibla (direction of the Kaaba in Mecca).

Recite the Barakallah Dua:

  • “Barakallahu lakuma wa baraka ‘alaikuma wa jama’a baina kuma fi khayr.”   
  • (Translation: May Allah bless you both, and may His blessings be upon you both, and may He bring goodness between you both.)

Repeat the Dua:

Repeat the dua 100 times in a day, with sincerity and a focused heart.

End with Tasleem:

  • Conclude your dua to thank Allah and by sending blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and making Tasleem (salutation).
  • Reciting this prayer brings Allah’s blessings to married couples, making their relationship more beautiful and blessed.
  • With the help of this dua, the love and understanding between the Shohar and biwi increase. It will bring more sweetness to their relationship.
  • This barakallah dua will also protect you from the challenges in married life.
  • By reciting this dua, couple can attract peace and harmony into their family.
  • After reciting this prayer, making decisions in your married life becomes much easier.
  • Reciting the Barakallah dua means enhancing the joy and happiness in your marriage.
6 Benefits Of Reciting Barakallah Dua For Marriage

  • It’s essential to recite the dua with clear intention, positivity, and trust in Allah’s mercy.
  • It is best to say the dua in a soft, low voice.
  • Do not perform this dua when your mind and heart is not ready to recite dua. Do not perform dua in rush.
  • You can recite this dua individually or together with your spouse.
  • Remember to maintain a positive and hopeful mindset while making this dua.

Performing the Barakallah Dua with devotion and sincerity can contribute to the well-being and success of your marriage.

If you want to add a special spiritual blessing to your marriage ceremonies, consider using the powerful Ultimate Barakallah Wedding Dua. “Barakallah” in Arabic means “God bless” and is a term used to seek blessings on different occasions. The use of the term “Ultimate” in the prayer implies that it is considered the best and most potent blessing one can seek for a wedding. It reflects the profound significance attached to this dua in invoking Allah’s favor on the marital journey.

The powerful Barakallah Wedding Dua is a strongest dua that asks God to bless, protect, and bless the newly married couples. For a long time, Muslims all over the world perform this easy but important prayer at their weddings.

An important part of the Barakallah Wedding Dua is the phrase “Allahumma barik lana fi rizqin wa’afyan,” which means “O Allah, bless us with food and health.” This prayer asks for a lot of different things, not just financial things but also happiness and health.

The Barakallah Wedding Dua is something that many couples always recite during their wedding ceremonies. It is often said at important times, like the nikah (marriage contract) or other wedding ceremonies, to remind people how important it is to ask Allah to bless their new life together.

Barakallah Dua For Married Couples

A lot of couples say the Barakallah Dua, which asks for benefits, kindness, and happiness in their marriage. If you want to read the Barakallah Dua in English.

بَارَكَ اللّٰهُ لَكَ وَبَارَكَ عَلَيْكَ وَجَمَعَ بَيْنَكُمَا فِي خَيْرٍ

“May Allah bless you and bestow His blessings upon you and may He unite both of you in goodness.”

People often say this dua at different times in their marriage to ask Allah to bless them with a happy and peaceful life together.

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