Best Wazifa For Love (Wazifa To Get Love)


Assalamu’alaikum, To all my Muslim friends and family. In this article, we will share with you the most powerful wazifa for love, allowing you to effortlessly attract love into your life. If you want to use this Wazifa to fix your love life, you need to read the article carefully.

Love is a human experience that enhances our lives, provides us happiness, and satisfies our most fundamental needs for social connection and belonging. However, wazifa for love is a spiritual and religious activity with immense meaning for individuals who want to attract love into their life or improve current relationships.

Procedures and Conditions for Performing Wazifa

Things to mind when singing ‘Wazifa for love’ You must take specific measures when doing this dua for quick outcomes and more effective Wazifa.

  • Clean yourself (Wudu) and the wazifa location first.
  • For best effects, keep Zamzam water and the Quran nearby.
  •  Show entire faith in Allaha Tallah to accept the dua quickly.
  • Try this dua after Namaz for optimal results.
  • Imagine loving with pure intentions—only marriage should matter.
  • Say “Astaghfirullah” and restart Wazifa if you make a mistake.
  • Girls don’t do this dua or Wazifa during menstruation. Avoid bitterness and negativity.

What You Can Do When Allah (SWT) Isn’t Answering Your Prayers

  • One possible explanation is that your dua is ineffective. Your dua will be more effective if you take the time to develop faith (Iman) before you make a request (dua).
  • You might not be Paak (pure) and that’s the second possibility. If you engage in haram behavior—whether it be consuming, earning, or donning something—Allah will never accept your dua.
  • Your dua will not be heard by Allah (SWT) until you offer peace to his messenger, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), which is the third reason why your dua will not be heard.
  • Be patient and grow in your faith; Allah (SWT) knows best and has chosen the finest time for you.
  • Read Important Dua or Wazifa in Islam and Ways to make dua more effective and learn how to improve the efficacy of your prayers.

Who Can perform this Wazifa?

  • No matter your age or gender, you can participate. In accordance with Islamic teachings, it is permissible to engage in the recitation of this supplication (dua) as a means to seek affection and love.
  • If you have any further inquiries, our respected Molvi Sahab is available to provide you with answers and clarification.
  • It is important to note that this prayer holds significant effectiveness when recited with the sincere intention of seeking marriage or Nikah.

Please feel free to express any inquiries you may have, as our expert will provide you with proper guidance regarding the Wazifa for Love. If he detects a need for additional protection, it is advisable to consider implementing further security measures.  

Numerous wazifa are now available online. Still, this strong wazifa worked every time for people, according to our Molvi Ghulam Ali Dahlavi Ji, who has 37 years of experience studying Islamic Remedies.

Wazifa For Love Step-By-Step

  • Recite Durood e Ibrahimi 8 Martaba.
  •  Write the name of your partner you want back on a white sheet of paper and set it in front of you.
  • In honor of Allah Tallah, say “subḥaan-allaahi wa biḥamdihi wa subḥaan-allaahil-‛aẓeem” 111 times.
  • Put that paper under your pillow. Sleep with it 14 days.
  • Recite: “Asbiya Allāhu lā ilāha illā huwa ʿalayhi tawakkaltu wa-huwa rabbu al-ʿarshi al-��aẓīm” Abu Dawud Repeat 55 times.
  •  This Wazifa requires 15 days of practice.

If you do Islamic Wazifa for love with heart and passion, it should work. You will attract your love with this wazifa.

After about a week, you should be able to see the results of this Wazifa. Use WhatsApp to get in touch with our Molvi Ghulam Ali Dahlavi Ji if you need help or want quick and reliable results.

 Wazifa To Get Love ( Attract Love From Photo)

  • Ensure that your intentions are sincere and that your desire for love aligns with Islamic ethics. Your intention should be pure, seeking a lawful and loving relationship according to Islamic principles.
  • Perform ablution (wudu) to ensure physical and spiritual cleanliness before engaging in any form of worship.
  • Start by praising Allah (SWT) and sending blessings upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). You can recite “Subhanallah” (Glory be to Allah), “Alhamdulillah” (Praise be to Allah), and “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is the Greatest) before proceeding.
  • This wazifa should be begun on Friday evening after the Isha prayer.
  • You should start by reading Durood Pak 15 times.
  • Then, hold a picture of your lover in your right hand and think about them.
  • It is recommended that you recite “Valar Umar Zeen Kaleef” 311 times.
  • When you’ve finished reading Durood Pak, recite this below mentioned Dua for love 60 times.

Allahummarzuqni hubbuka, wa hubba man yanfa`uni hubbuhu `indak. Allahumma ma razaqtani mimma uhibbu faj`alhu quwwatan li fiia tuhibb. Allahumma wa ma zawaita `anni mimma uhibbu faj`alhu faraghan li fima tuhibb” 

Source: (Tirmidhi #3491)

Meaning: “O Allah, give me Your love and the love of those whose love will help me with You. O Allah, the things you’ve given me that I love, use them to help me do the things you love. “O Allah, what you’ve taken away from what I love, give me a place to put what you love.”

  • Finally, Blow on your lover’s photo and perform this wazifa regularly for 15 days.

Wazifa For Love in UK

  • The Asar prayer in the afternoon is the best time to recite this Wazifa.
  • You’re going to find someplace quiet to start.
  • Think of your beloved with nothing but love in your heart now.
  •  Then, recite the verse from Surah ar-Rahman mentioned below.

“Fabi ayyi aalaaa’i Rabbikumaa tukazzibaan

  • The Durood Sharif must now be recited ten times.
  • Take a photo of your mate and blow on it.
  • Please repeat after me: “Ya Waajidu” 121 times in honor of the name of Allah, the Most High.

This Wazifa for love on a photo must be performed accurately. In a week, your lover will return. If you are a married lady and your spouse has left you, you can use this Dua to get him back.

Nade Ali” is a special prayer that many Muslims say. It comes from Imam Ali, who was a close relative and friend of Prophet Muhammad. People say this prayer for different reasons, like asking for help and blessings. It’s important to understand Islamic teachings when doing such prayers. People believe that saying this prayer can bring good things into their lives.

Here are some simple things to keep in mind:

  1. Be Kind and Sincere: Just like when you ask nicely for something, saying “Nade Ali” is done with a good heart and sincere feelings.
  2. Understand What You’re Saying: It’s like knowing the words to a favorite song. When you understand what “Nade Ali” means, it makes the prayer more special.
  3. Ask Regularly: You can say this prayer regularly, like a special wish or request. Remember, consistency is like practicing something you enjoy.
  4. Talk to Allah Directly: Besides “Nade Ali,” you can also talk to Allah in your own words, sharing your thoughts and feelings. He’s always there to listen.
  5. Trust Allah’s Plan: Sometimes, what we ask for may not be what’s best for us. Trusting Allah is like trusting your parents to make the right decisions for you.

Always feel free to ask your parents, teachers, or someone you trust if you have questions about prayers and what they mean. They can help you understand and connect with your faith in a beautiful way.

4 Wazifas for Love

  1. Wazifa for Finding True Love: Recite Surah Al-Ikhlas (Chapter 112) eleven times after Fajr (morning) and Isha (evening) prayers. Make a heartfelt dua for finding a compatible and loving partner.
  2. Wazifa for Strengthening Marital Love: To strengthen the love between spouses, recite Surah Ar-Rum (Chapter 30, verses 21-32) daily. This wazifa is believed to deepen the affection and bond in a marital relationship.
  3. Wazifa for Attracting Someone’s Love: If you desire someone’s love, recite “Ya Wadoodo” (O Loving One) 1000 times daily for 41 days. Maintain a sincere intention, and you may witness positive changes in their feelings toward you.
  4. Wazifa for Marriage Proposals: To receive marriage proposals, recite Surah Yaseen (Chapter 36) seven times after Fajr and Isha prayers. Make dua for suitable proposals to come your way.

Always feel free to ask your parents, teachers, or someone you trust if you have questions about prayers and what they mean. They can help you understand and connect with your faith in a beautiful way.


The pain of experiencing a broken heart can exact a significant toll on both your physical and mental wellbeing. But there is no need to be concerned. Because with the assistance of the appropriate Effective Wazifa for love, you will be able to reclaim the person you love and make them a part of your life once more.

It is as simple as reciting this Wazifa for love with the correct intentions, complete devotion, and committing to spending the rest of your life with the individual in question. Stay connected with Allah through constant prayer (namaaz) for your desires and passions to come true. If you want to make your wish come true, you should also be fervent about namaaz.

If this Wazifa is not working for you, it indicates that your relationship is under attack by an evil eye or that someone is performing dark magic on you. Please get in touch with our Molvi Ghulam Ali Dahlavi Ji to get personalized wazifas to remove problems in your love life.

If you really want to get back with the love of your life, don’t wait any longer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the Wazifa to win back the affection of my husband?

Islamic tradition uses many methods to quickly win back your husband’s love. By reciting the dua Al-Ahzab for a whole week, you will be able to win back the affection of your husband. It is recommended that you recite “Qwata Illa Baillahil wa Naseer” 125 times per day. Perform this rite with a clean heart and have complete trust in Allah tala.

Is there a better time or day to do the wazifa to get your love back?

In the faith of Islam, being on time is a big deal. Muslims should be aware of the time and date in everything they do, but especially when they pray, give Zakat, or fast. You can choose the last third of the night (Tahajjud time) to do the wazifa for love back. Friday night and after any compulsory prayer, when a person is ritually clean and close to Allah.

My lover is getting married. What am I supposed to do Now?

You can recite dua To make someone Love You Back and get your partner back in your life again.

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