Powerful Dua For Bad Husband


Are you having issues because of your husband’s bad behaviour? If yes, recite the 7 Tested Dua for a Cruel Husband to resolve your issues swiftly. The following is yet another potent dua for a husband who is unkind. If you are looking for the most effective dua to turn your abusive husband into a good one, then you have come to the right place since we have the perfect tool for you. Allah is the only one who can assist you in these most challenging of circumstances.

Benefits Of Reciting Dua For Bad Husband

  • With the use of this dua for bad husband , you may be able to regain your husband’s affection and attention.
  • It will also strengthen your relationship with your hubby.
  • In addition to keeping the evil eye and black magic at husband, “Dua for evil husband” will protect your marriage from harm.
  • You can use this to show authority over your husband and get him to do what you say.
  • Reciting the “Dua for the husband to leave the other woman” will cause him to prioritise you above all others in his life.
  • All the issues in your marriage will be resolved as a bonus.
  • In many cases, “Dua for husband to leave the other woman” has been the decisive factor in reuniting wives with their husbands.
  • You should recite this dua if you desire to end an extramarital relationship.
  • If your husband isn’t completely committed to you, “Dua for husband Protection” can help. Many wives have been successful in reuniting with their husbands with the use of this powerful dua.
Benefits Of Reciting Dua For Bad Husband
Benefits of Reciting Dua For Bad Husband

Step-by-Step Method For Amazing Dua To Protect Husband From Another Woman

  • Set your mind on doing the dua to keep your husband from getting involved with another woman.
  • Read  the verses 201–203 of Surah Al-Baqarah.
  • Say this dua: “O Allah, keep my husband safe from all other women except me.
  • “O Allah, keep him loyal to me and make him love me more than anyone else.”
  • Do the prayer with honesty and devotion.
  • Sincerely ask Allah to keep your husband from being with other women and to keep him loyal to you.
  • Think that Allah will hear your prayers and give you what you’ve asked for.
  • Be patient and trust that Allah knows what he is doing. Thank Allah for all of His gifts and kindness.

Dua For husband To Leave The Other Woman

Extramarital affairs aren’t anything new. For years, this harmful substance has broken up a lot of couples and caused a lot of trouble. Imagine that you are a married woman who is sure that her husband is having an affair with another woman and is always meeting new women. If your husband is going after other women, my sister, now is the time to do something serious to stop him. He must only think about his wife and no one else.

Follow this Procedure to Complete Dua For husband To Leave The Other Woman:

  • Starting off with Wudhu.
  • Now, choose a quiet spot and sit down facing the direction that indicates the Qibla.
  • Following then, you should recite the Darood Sharif three times.
  • Recite verse 34 of Surah an-Nisa 345 times, pray to Allah (SWT) for the safety of your husband, and separate yourself from other women.
  • If you perform this rite on every Friday, then, by the grace of God, you should observe the results of the dua within a few months.

Get in touch with our Ghulam Ali Dahlavi Ji  for any need you have, whether you are looking for a rapid answer or have questions about this dua.

Prayer For My Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Ya Allah, you have always led me in the correct direction, but now I am dealing with the circumstance in which my life partner is cheating on me, and I feel as like I have no control over the issue.

Merciful God, please shine your holy light on my husband and guide him away from other ladies so that he can concentrate on providing for his family.

I am confident that you will assist both myself and my spouse in order to bring about positive change in our relationship.

  • The first step in praying is to do ablution and make sure that you are as clean as possible.
  • Now, recite the lovely names of the powerful and divine names of Allah, such as “AL-MU’MIN,” “AL-QAHHAR,” “AL-MU’IZZ,” “AL-JALEEL,” and so on.
  • Recite this Prayer after each Salah with a clean heart for success.
  • For optimal results, maintain this regimen for at least two to three weeks.

Dua for Dealing with a Difficult Spouse (Bad Husband or Wife)

  1. Start with Bismillah: Begin by reciting “Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Raheem” (In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful).
  2. Seek Allah’s Help: Ask Allah for His guidance, help, and support in dealing with your difficult spouse.
  3. Dua for Softening Hearts: “Ya Allah, soften the heart of my spouse and guide them towards goodness and righteousness.”
  4. Dua for Love and Respect: “Ya Allah, instill love, respect, and compassion in our hearts for one another.”
  5. Dua for Forgiveness: “Ya Allah, forgive us for our shortcomings and mistakes in our marriage.”
  6. Dua for Protection: “Ya Allah, protect us from harm and difficulties, and grant us a healthy and happy marriage.”
  7. Conclude with Salawat: End your Dua for bad spouse by reciting Salawat (Durood) upon the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Detailed instructions For performing the “Dua For Cheating Husband”

The following should be done in order to perform this incredible “dua for cheating husband” with the intention of achieving positive results:

  • The first step in doing this “dua for cheating husband” is to perform a fresh wudu (ablution) and make sure that both your clothes and your body are clean.
  • Then you will be required to calmly sit down and begin chanting “Yaa Salaam” more than thirty-two times.
  • After that, you have to chant the phrase “Marah zil rovskey collin zilch tan con Omar dusto karth” for a total of 555 times.
  • In the end, you must pray to Allah with all of your good heart for Allah to modify the behavior of your spouse and put an end to his bad behaviour of cheating so that you can live a happy life with him forever.
Dua For Cheating Husband
Dua For Cheating Husband

Dua For Bad Character Husband

Procedure for the powerful “dua for bad character husband

  • At Tahajjud (midnight), recite the strong “dua for cruel husband” to leave your dangerous marriage.
  • Starting with a clean wudu (ablution) will help.
  • You must now perform Tahajjud. During the final Raqaat of Tahajjud, you must remember to assume the Sajdah position.
  • You must bow and pray Allah to change your husband’s character so he loves you.
  • Finally, finish by reciting the Durood-E-Ibrahim one hundred times.

You should keep up this “dua for evil husband” for as long as it takes to see results. Results may be delayed in coming, but they will come, Inshallah.

Dua For Husband To Stop Bad Babits

Follow these procedures to conduct this “Dua For Husband Bad Habits”:

  • Please perform wudu first.
  • Then you must hold fresh roses.
  • Roses are required on Sunday and between Magrib and Isha Namaz.
  • Next, repeat the dua seven times: “Allah humma tahisa alaiya absara zali matihi wal murideena bis suit wa a Tasrif kulubuhum a sharri ma yaz meru nahi lla kahira la yam likahu gairaka.”
  • You must blow this “dua for disrespectful husband” on roses.
  • Final step: place the roses under your husband’s pillow.
  • Reciting this “dua for your disrespectful husband” for three days without stopping can provide positive effects.
  • Your husband will respect you forever, and you will live happily ever after.


This article presents you with a dua that you can recite to increase the chance that your husband will end his relationship with the other lady and will devote his affection exclusively to you. It will restore love, peace, and harmony to your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a surah you can recite if you catch your husband cheating on you?

To begin, recite the tenth chapter of Surah Ar-Rahman. Now, after Fajr Nawaz, recite “la ilaha illallah” 20 times and then do DUROOD-E-AWAL ten times. While you recite it, think of your hubby. Trust in Allah completely and go for it. Your unfaithful husband will stop in the next few days. You can recite dua for cheating husband to get your husband’s love back.

What is halal between husband and wife?

Physical intimacy between husband and wife is halal (permissible) in Islam and holy. However, some norms and restrictions must have followed, such as respecting privacy, permission, and avoiding illegal actions.

What does Islam say about an unhappy marriage?

Islam encourages couples to work together to resolve their marital issues and seek reconciliation. Islamic law allows divorce as an alternative if a marriage is generating great unhappiness. Divorce should be considered only after all attempts at reconciliation have been exhausted.

How to treat your husband Islamically?

Islam instructs wives to respect and obey their husbands if their requests are legal. They should provide emotional support, maintain a harmonious home, and engage in open communication. The key is to foster a loving and respectful partnership based on mutual understanding and kindness.

What does Islam say about how a husband should treat his wife?

In Islam, husbands are instructed to treat their wives with kindness, respect, and compassion. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was talking a lot about how important it is to treat your spouse well. Husbands should support their wives, uphold their honor, and love them. The Quran also advises husbands to consult with their wives and seek their input in family matters (Quran, Surah An-Nisa, 4:34).

What is the dua for bad tempered husband?

Wife should recite Ya Allah, I seek Your help in guiding my husband away from evil actions and behaviors.”

“Ya Allah, grant my husband wisdom, kindness, and righteousness.”

“Ya Allah, guide my husband to recognize his wrongdoing and sincerely repent for his actions.”

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