4 Powerful Dua For Boyfriend (100% Proven)


As-salamu alaykum to all my sisters, Our dua for boyfriend will resolve all your relationship problems just like millions of other Muslim sisters. It’s normal for relationships to have problems or move out. We miss our boyfriends when we’re not with them, and our hearts wish for them to come back to us.

Prayer (dua) can be a strong way to get back in touch with your boyfriend during these hard times. This article will show you how to pray for your boyfriend to come back to you.

How To Recite Dua For Boyfriend?

Performing a dua for my boyfriend is a beautiful way to express your feelings and hopes. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide that you can can follow to get your boyfriend back:

  • Find a peaceful place. It might be your room, a cozy corner, or anywhere you can focus.
  • Ask Almighty Allah in your own words. Express your feelings for your lover and relationship goals.
  • There’s no need for long sentences. Choose words that are easy for you to use.
  • Think about the positive things you want for your relationship. Wish for understanding, love, and happiness.
  • After you’ve shared your feelings, thank Allah for listening to you.

In order to speed up the process and get the best results, you could ask Molvi Ghulam Ali Dahlavi Ji for help by calling him on WhatsApp.

Dua For My Boyfriend

5 Steps To Perform Dua For My Boyfriend To Love Me Back?

There will always be problems in relationships, but when our hearts are with someone, we want everything to be good. When things get more distant between us and our boyfriend, we want them to come back to us. Dua, is something we do from the bottom of our hearts to ask God to grant us our wishes. This article will show you how to pray to get closer to your boyfriend.

Dua For My Boyfriend To Love Me Back

  1. Find a quiet and peaceful spot where you can sit comfortably.
  2. Start your dua by praising Allah or the higher power you believe in.
  3. Speak from your heart. Tell Allah about your feelings for your boyfriend and why you want his love.
  4. Kindly ask Allah for guidance. You can say, “Please help my boyfriend understand my feelings, and let love grow between us.
  5. After that, recite this dua-

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيْمِ رَّبَّنَا هَبْ لَنَا مِنْ أَزْوَاجِنَا وَذُرِّيَّاتِنَا قُرَّةَ أَعْيُنٍ وَاجْعَلْنَا لِلْمُتَّقِينَ إِمَامًا

Translation: In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring comfort to our eyes and make us an example for the righteous.

Thanks to Allah for hearing your prayer. Thanks for the good things in your life and the love you hope to receive. A beautiful part of dua is being thankful.

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7 Precautions You Must Follow While Reciting Wazifa and Dua for Boyfriend

  1. Pure Intentions: Make sure that your goals are positive and truthful. You should say your dua or wazifa from the bottom of your heart.
  2. Consistent Practice: Be consistent in your prayers. Regularity is key, so try to recite your dua or wazifa at the same time each day.
  3. Cleanliness Matters: Before beginning your duas, make sure that you are fully clean. To clean yourself, do wudu, which means “ablution.”
  4. Attention and Focus: Focus on the words and what they mean while you read. Keep distractions to a minimum to stay focused.
  5. Recite with Conviction: Believe in the power of your prayers. Recite your dua or wazifa with conviction, trusting that your words are heard.
  6. Follow these steps: If there are specific steps you need to follow to make a wazifa, make sure you follow them exactly. There may be different rules for each wazifa.
  7. Keep it Private: You can tell someone you trust what you want to do, but don’t talk about private matters in public.

How To Recite Dua To get Ex-Boyfriend Back?

When two people love each other, their connection should be strong. They shouldn’t let misunderstandings bother them, and they should ignore what others say.

If you find yourself in a situation where your boyfriend left you many years ago, don’t worry.

You can recite this dua.

Hurriyat al-ae-adeem nam mo kadrr husnn ell ahii-al-jubanii al haaj amii biha dii waa kadimm zulam kulmm qadirr sadd agi kahl-e-shahjud adada khal qihii naa siff na fahiq qadar ameen.”

  • Write this special prayer on a piece of paper.
  • Put a single petal of a rose in the paper and throw it into a flowing stream of water.
  • You can write it many times on different pieces of paper and repeat the process.
  • Make sure the paper is folded before throwing it into the water; this step is crucial for it to work.
  • The more times you do this, the more effective the dua will be in bringing your loved one back.

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Effective Dua For Boyfriend Love Back

In Islam, it’s important to approach matters of the heart with sincerity and understanding of Allah’s wisdom. There is a specific dua for bringing back a boyfriend’s love, you can pray for guidance and blessings in your relationship. Here’s a simple dua:

“Ya Allah, guide our hearts and bring love and understanding between us. If it is best for us, reunite us with stronger love and commitment. If not, grant me the strength to accept Your plan. Ameen.”

Remember, patience and trust in Allah’s plan are crucial. Additionally, seek guidance from elders, friends, or religious leaders for support and advice in matters of relationships.

Dua For Boyfriend Love Back


It is crucial to maintain honesty and empathy in your relationship. Dua for boyfriend can help, but your actions and intentions also play a significant role. Hopefully, this duas will bring your relationship back to a place filled with love. You can call our Molvi Ghulam Ali Dahlavi ji and get dua for your boyfriend.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Perfect Dua For Boyfriend Success?

If you are a girlfriend who wishes for your boyfriend success, then you can read this dua – “I hope he always gets what he wants in his life and our relationship makes him even happier. Amen.”

Which Dua is Used To Control Boyfriend?

If your boyfriend does not listen to you, then you can recite this dua to make him listen what you are saying and what are your thoughts in a situation.
“Rabbi habli minas-saliheen”
Recite this with patience and calmness and you will see results in your favour in just few days.

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